Attendants at Home

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In nuclear families or homes where every couple works to earn a living, it may be a challenge to give the complete consideration and care to elderly guardians that they deserve while recovering from a disease. At this point, having an attendant at home, either full-time or for half day, is the best solution. To get the assistance of non-medical specialists like our attendants who can give home patient parental figures for the everyday exercises required for understanding consideration at your home. We trust that early recovery from ailment requires both physical and mental prosperity. Subsequently, it is best for your elderly guardians or friends and family that the aid of attendant at home helps them recover in the glow and adoring climate of home. Simply select to have an attendant at home and leave the pressure and stress of taking steady care of your adored one in our expert hands, this will mean you can invest greater quality energy with the patient or your cherished one, and have the capacity to center around what's most essential to you.

Tasks undertaken by attendants at home:

  • Personal Care: maintain hygiene, medication reminder and personal grooming
  • Mobility: assistance with exercises, walking and turning positions in bed
  • Nutrition: assistance in feeding, preparing meals and walks