Why Choose Home Healthcare Service

Home Healthcare Services
Home Healthcare Services

Why Choose Home Healthcare Service

18 Jun 2022

Home care services allow people to receive help with personal care that they need at the same time preserving their integrity and dignity and whilst helping them maintain a good quality of life.

They are trained professionals who can be there when you cannot.  If you are staying at a distance, home healthcare providers can give you peace of mind while looking after your loved ones. 

Home Healthcare Services are individually tailored one-on-one care and specialized care services which help document, monitor, update doctors and family regarding the status of the patient and provide the emotional, physical, and technical support that is required by the patient.


Benefits of Home Healthcare Services:

  • Assistance with activities of daily living. Can include bathing, grooming, and medication reminders.

  • Skilled medical care. Care at home by dedicated nurses who are certified, licensed, and knowledgeable about medical management and medical equipment. They can ensure that all complex medical needs are met.

  • Assistance in diet and nutrition. People recovering from any chronic or acute medical conditions, elderly people, or those who have recently been discharged from a hospital are likely to be nutritionally at-risk. Factors like aging, bed rest, illness, and injury can all contribute to loss of appetite. Nurses and attendants are trained to feed the patient and advice on home-cooked meals to protect against malnutrition.

  • Medication management. Most people are discharged from the hospital with a long list of medications to take and it can be confusing to manage. One way of handling it to get a weekly pill box. Another is the continuous supervision of a home healthcare nurse/attendant who can ensure the right medications are being taken at the right time.

  • Support and Companionship. People are social beings and inability to interact socially can be frustrating and depressing. A healthcare provider helps to keep healthy social interaction with the patient as well as walks, reading, chit-chat, movies, and other social activities.


The disadvantages of home healthcare service, like any other treatment plan is:

  • Lengthy. Recovery is a slow process and it takes time for the body to heal.

  • Costly. Although it is more affordable than staying in the hospital, it still is pricey in terms of the added fixed cost of keeping the attendant/nurse and the cost of renting out the required medical equipment.

  • Privacy. A 24-hour attendant/nurse can seem as an added person in the house, decreasing the privacy of the family.


Most home healthcare clients have reasonably better health outcomes. Research shows that recovery is better with lesser complications when home care is provided to people.

The one-to-one focus and support by the service providers is meaningful and helps build a strong bond between the professionals and the patient.

For many families, home healthcare is the customized support they require to manage the care, treatment, and recovery of their loved one.

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