What is Cancer?

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Cancer is a disease which makes a human body disable. It’s a disease involving abnormal cells which have the potential to spread it all over other body parts. Signs and symptoms of cancer are unusual bleeding, prolonged cough, strange weight loss, bowel movement. Basic factors due to which cancer can be caused are the high consumption of tobacco and alcohol, extremely poor diet, lack of activeness, obesity, etc. Certain therapies are done for the treatment of cancer. But despite all the essential treatments there is definitely a need for a caretaker who would serve the sufferer with complete care and concern at home.

Common types of Cancer

  • Bladder Cancer: It’s a kind of cancer where an abnormal tissue called a tumor to develop; blood in the urine is the most common type of symptom for bladder cancer.
  • Breast Cancer: It’s cancer which develops in the breast; symptoms for this would change in the shape and size of it, rashes and patchy skin.
  • Colorectal Cancer: In this, cancer starts from the rectum, the rectum is the area located at the lower part of the digestive system.
  • Kidney Cancer: when unusual tissue grows out of its control in the kidney, then that might be a sign of kidney cancer.
  • Lung Cancer: cancer that occurs in the lungs is known as lung cancer, a person who smokes heavily is mostly the victims of lung cancer.
  • Oral and Or pharyngeal Cancer: Oral and or pharyngeal are often known as mouth cancer and it develops in any part of the mouth. Consumption of intoxicating things can cause mouth cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Pancreatic cancer is cancer located in the area of the stomach, loss of appetite or sudden weight loss may result as pancreatic cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer: An unusual fluid coming out from the mammal of the male is usually termed as prostate cancer.
  • Thyroid Cancer: A very unusual and abnormal shape that develops in the area of the neck is known as thyroid cancer, it is generally like the shape of a butterfly.
  • Uterine Cancer: Cancer that affects the area of the uterus is known as uterine cancer; early periods can be of the symptoms of uterine cancer.

As par, the research and survey of the World Health Organization India has the fatality ratio of approximately 79 per 100,000 demises which vandalize for over 6% deaths every year. Cancer is literally among the nastiest and most perilous disease which not only affects the sufferer but also affects the family member mentally and emotionally. It makes the individual’s living difficult and swings like a sword on the head of the entire clan along with the cancer patient. But, as we say nothing can defeat you until and unless you defeat yourself. Yes, you can definitely win the battle against Cancer if all the precautions and cautions are taken with good concern and care.

Curodoc brings you the most adept service of cancer treatment at home. Comprising the team of medical experts Curodoc stands straight with you in the process of conquering the war against Cancer. At Curodoc we offer you the advanced cancer care services by which you can take the cancer patients care at home at your own contented zone with your beloved people. The major goal of Curodoc during the service is nothing but to serve skillfully and bestow utmost care, caution and affection to the cancer patient effectively. Curodoc belongs among those cancer home care service providers who genuinely gives the patient’s health a primary preference and the rest is considered secondary, goals of Curodoc is crystal clear that the cure of cancer patient is the only purpose to be done.

Perks of obtaining attendant or a nurse for cancer care

As we all are aware of the fact that cancer patient’s body becomes so weak and fragile that they are not being able to do all the activities by there and they need constant supervision and support. Thus, in order to provide such watchfulness and oversee Curodoc eases your responsibility by providing accomplished attendant or a nurse who would take the utter care of the cancer patient at home. So, the advantages of caretakers for cancer care are:

  • A skillful and medically trained attendant or a nurse has the proper knowledge in regards to take proper care of a cancer patient more than those of any other family members back at home.
  • They do not comprise of any other task apart from looking after the sufferer, hence the attention is completely devoted to the patient and eventually he/she has been taken care of properly.
  • They would look after the patient round of clock which is apparently not possible from their own family members as the other households seemingly engaged in other commitments as well.
  • A medically drilled attendant or a nurse has the complete awareness that what should the patient eat and what not to. Apart from their nutriment, they shall also be looking after their medication and other prescriptions.
  • The caretaker will assist the patient in their grooming, hygiene and in other essential chattels and tasks.
  • They shall also be helping them with their therapies, exercises, and other medical sessions. Also, assisting them when they need to visit the doctor or to their respective physician.
  • The caregiver will also help them in making them sleep properly or moving to and fro in case of the extreme sluggish condition.
  • Toileting, assistance to the washroom and other necessary possessions are also secured by them complete alertness and attentiveness.
  • Significant monitoring including the BP, sugar and other needed checkups are overseen precisely by them.
  • Not just in the physical aspect but the attendant or the nurse is also very much polite and easy going to be with, with their polite companionship they keep the patient positive and motivated.

Thus, for the betterment of comfortable and way more convenient living of the cancer patient aid yourself with the service of cancer home care service in Delhi/NCR. Set your appointment now!