New Born Baby Care

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We at Curodoc comprehend that taking care of another infant includes unique care and the correct involvement and this can be extremely very much dealt with the administrations of a prepared proficient. With the development of the atomic family structure, and the nonappearance of the more established individuals from the family at home, new moms regularly pass up a great opportunity for a genuinely necessary, wellspring of learning emotionally supportive network. New moms are for the most part apprehensive of whether they are completely prepared to give the new infant all the care and bolster that the new conceived merits. Curodoc's medical attendants are very much experienced in child mind and can offer direction and guidance that another mother genuinely needs. From questions in regards to recurrence of breastfeeding, the baby' rest design, legitimate garments, newborn child cleanliness to the mother's eating routine and unwinding, our Curodoc medical attendants can guide and help you walk the way of parenthood effortlessly. At Curodoc, legitimate care of the new-conceived is our first need and our attendants are uniquely prepared to see each need of the child and to give genuinely necessary help to the mother. With our aptitude, you can be guaranteed that your infant will get the affection and concern it merits.

Services included in Newborn baby and mother care:
  • Bathing the baby
  • Care of the baby and providing necessary advice in case of illness
  • Keeping track of daily feeds and burps of baby after every feed
  • Lactation help with the mother
  • Nappy change and properly cleaning sensitive parts
  • Putting the baby to sleep
  • Regular massaging of the baby and mother
  • Sterilizing the baby’s utensils and keeping them clean