Nurses at Home

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While overcoming an ailment or deep medical procedure, you anticipate coming back to your own home and recovering in a situation where you are agreeable, casual and safe. Hence, we at Curodoc offer services of Nurse at home where a people can choose a medical expert to take care of their recovering beloved for 12 hours or 24 hours as per their choice. Care needs of the individuals who are progressed in age and can't deal with themselves can be a difficult task for other relatives of the family. This frequently prompts the prospect that a nursing home/mind home is the main functional alternative left. Serious ailments might require proper, full-time care which is impossible to be granted by a non-medical individual. A nurse at home can enable you to recoup this easily and within your own home. Our Nurse-at-home services will help smoothen the progress from Hospital to Home. Recovery becomes speedier in well-known environment, encompassed by family. Our experienced nurses deal with your unpredictable needs while helping you keep up your autonomy, way of life and day by day schedule. For those who are elder in age, home is the place of their utmost comfort as they can see their youngsters and terrific kids being around. The sense of satisfaction is earned maximum at home, hence, healing is better done there. With nursing services at-home, you can give the best of care to your dear family members in their comfort zone in front of your eyes, without making any additional requests of your relatives.

Roles played by the Nurse at Home:

  • Nursing Interventions: Timely medication, injections, wound care, dressing, etc.
  • Personal Care: Oral hygiene, bath/ sponge at bed, body care and clothing
  • Medication Administration: Managing injections and medicines
  • Vitals Monitoring: Track of weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature, etc.
  • Mobility: Assistance in walking, exercising, transfer to & from bed, wheel chair, etc.
  • Nutrition: Feeding assistance and diet maintenance
  • Toileting: Urinal/ bedpan assistance, changing of colostomy bag, etc.
  • Companionship: take for walk and polite conversations