Paralysis Care

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Paralysis is a disorder caused due to the loss of muscles. It can affect the person completely and partially both. Usually, a paralysis attack occurs because of the damaged caused in the nervous system. Paralysis attack occur mostly when people are extremely stressed and due to high blood pressure. Sudden weakness can also sometimes result in paralysis. People suffering from paralysis cannot feel the sense of touching; there is no sensation in the paralyzed area. Other considerable causes are trauma and stroke with nerve injury, cerebral palsy, peripheral neuropathy, Parkinson disease, etc. injury in the spinal cord may also cause paralysis.

Effects of Paralysis

  • Bladder and bowel dysfunction
  • Changes in behavior/ personality/ cognition/ memory
  • Depression/ Anxiety
  • Muscle spasm
  • Pain
  • Problems in balance and coordination
  • Reduced ability to carry out daily activities
  • Tight or floppy muscles
  • Complete loss or weakness of muscle strength
  • Complete loss/ reduction of sensation
  • Disturbance in visual ability
  • Dysfunction paralysis of male/ female private parts
  • The reduced bulkiness of muscles
  • Reduced mobility
  • Reduction in range of movement at joints
  • Swallowing and speech problems

Treatments Suggested For Paralysis

  • Physiotherapy: Exercises that stimulate muscles & nerves along with treatments using massage and heat.
  • Occupational therapy: Drifts around inspecting day to day living activities and involves some minor changes in those.
  • Mobility: Comprises electric and manual scooters and wheelchairs.
  • Supportive devices: Canes, walkers, and braces.
  • Assistive technology: Lighting systems, voice-activated computers and telephones.
  • Adaptive equipment: Specific contrivance for eating and dynamic controls.

In-home treatment for Paralysis patient care

Curodoc accords you with the effective approaches of paralysis patient care at home. From expert physiotherapists to exceptionally competent attendants we extend profound service in order to recoup the sufferer in a healthy and positive manner. When a beloved family suffers from the torment of paralysis then the entire is traumatized along with the patient’s stiffness. Well, now do not panic, because Curodoc assimilates you such caretaker who will not only support the patient in the physical aspect but in the emotional aspect as well. There are several prospects that we consider while the process of regaining paralysis patient, whether it is for half body paralysis treatment, complete treatment or for bells palsy treatment, facial paralysis treatment these following are the points which are usually done for the fast recoupment:

  • Exercises & therapy sessions

Therapies and exercises are the primitive things which should be done while recovering from Paralysis. Thus, at Curodoc we impart specialized physiotherapist or attendant/nurse who is absolutely compiled to implement these activities on the patient and make them perform the exercises accordingly and assist them in the therapies. Providing them regular and appropriate massage is also one of the most pioneer factors for the recoupment of paralysis patient it keeps the body circulation good hence, our caretaker ensure that the patient has been served with the accurate massage and also with all the medicated ingredients mixed with the oil which might have suggested by the doctor.

  • Grooming & Hygiene

As the body of paralysis patient turns sluggish as well as fragile, therefore, he/she requires a regular assistance for the bath, personal care and so on and attendants or Curodoc are inclined to make them bath properly, make them brush their teeth, dress them well, comb their hair, shave their male patient’s beard, chops the nail, keeps their clothes and bed neat & clean and vice versa. Also support them in their toileting, discharging stool in the morning and all the essential things which are needed to assist for a paralysis patient.

  • Mobility support

As already mentioned, Curodoc’s caregivers help them out in their movement, walking, sleeping, and any other general physical activities. Timely changes their gestures and postures while sleeping so that they do not develop bed sores and any other probable difficulties. Pulls in and out from a wheelchair, make them walk in the park and aid them in any other required activities.

  • Nutrition & medication

There are many things that are not edible for the paralysis patient like rice is not supposed to be eaten thus; the caretaker of Curodoc ensures that they are eating healthy foods according to their health status. They feed them on time only according to the recommendations of the doctor. Provide medicines on time, massages, etc. Prepares all those things which the paralysis patients are strictly prescribed to eat and inhale. A proper diet chart has been prepared in regards to overseeing their nutrition.

  • Companionship & moral support

With the addition of all the assistance mentioned above, Curodoc’s attendants are also very much profound in providing the patient moral and emotional support, with their polite behavior and soft-spoken talks they mingle with the patient like their extended family members and try to keep them in a happy and positive mental state. They ensure that they are not depressed, also keep them entertained by making the newspaper read, making them watch television, listening to radio, etc.

Altogether, Curodoc vow and pact you to deliver the most subtle and well-assembled service of attendant or nurse for paralysis patient care at home because your health is our priority and we never ever overlook our priority!