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Parkinson Disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative disorder or in layman language, it is the disorder of body’s central nervous system, i.e brain, which may lead to unwanted stiffness, shaking, difficulty in walking or balancing, and coordination. Being a long-term disease, Parkinson’s symptoms develop slowly over time and get worsen with age and improper care. Slower thinking, lesser movement, rigidity and shaking and the most obvious symptoms that occur in the early stages of the disease. Apart from these less recognized symptoms, others like dementia, anxiety, depression, emotional breakdowns and sleep issues combine to be termed as “parkinsonian syndrome” or “parkinsonism”.

Stages of Parkinson’s disease (PD)

Since not every person encounters similar side effects of Parkinson’s, it impacts individuals in various ways. In the events that are performed by people, they won’t really encounter the symptoms of this disease in an incredible same request or at a similar force. There are numerous examples of movement in Parkinson’s illness that are characterized in following stages:

The team at Curodoc has always been eager in researching about the solutions for Parkinson’s disease. In this process, the expert researchers and analyst have enlisted few signs which are commonly seen as the symptoms in the initial stage of Parkinson’s disease.

  • A Soft or Low Voice: Sounding slower than a usual self while conversing.
  • Constipation: Difficulty in expelling the hard feces of residue from the respiratory system.
  • Dizziness or Fainting: No strength to stand or sit actively or unconsciousness.
  • Loss of Smell: Unable to smell certain foods or things like a normal person.
  • Masked Face: Depressed and tensed face even in normal conditions.
  •   Small Handwriting: One is unable to make extra efforts resulting in smaller writing.
  •   Stooping or Hunching Over: Spine bends in a curve and back of the gets a hunch.
  •   Tremor: Involuntary shaking of arms, legs or hands.
  •   Trouble Moving or Walking: Arms and limbs don’t move easily.
  • Trouble Sleeping: Sleeplessness due to continuous fluttering of thoughts in mind.

Curodoc plays a vital role in rendering aids and other services to the patients of Parkinson’s disease across Delhi, NCR. Having a widespread network of experienced and talented nurses, attendants, psychologist, physiotherapists and other required professionals, the company leaves not a single possibility in satisfying clients beyond their expected desires. In order to deal with the symptoms triggered at various levels, there are various ways.

Primary Treatment

The prime step to take in case one gets diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease includes a detailed analysis by a doctor and plan a way to live a healthy life. This comprises the below listed:

  • A referral to a neurologist, a specialist who represents considerable authority in the mind.
  • Care from a word related advisor, physical specialist or language teacher.
  • Meeting with a medicinal social specialist to discuss how Parkinson’s will influence your life.
  • Begin a standard exercise program to defer facilitate side effects.
  • Converse with family and companions who can give you the help you require.
  • Medicinal Cures

    Diagnosis at an early age ensures proper treatment and cure for betterment using just the basic physiotherapy, thereby excluding the need of major surgeries. There is no permanent cure mentioned by experts, but the anti-Parkinson medication levodopa (L-DOPA) can be used with dopamine agonists in the very initial level to improve one’s condition. These also lose their effect once the count of neurons loss continues to increase. Phycologist, rehabilitation and a proper diet can help in limiting the symptoms of Parkinson Disease as much as to deal with emotional problems and depression. Other medicines that are part of the treatment include the below listed:

    • Levodopa
    • MAO B Inhibitors
    • Dopamine Agonists
    • Catechol O-Methyltransferase
    • Antivirals
    • Anticholinergics
  • Treatment of Brain Stimulation Deeply

    This sort of treatment includes a careful strategy. The specialist will put wires inside the patient’s mind. These wires will exchange little electrical signs to the parts of the mind that assistance to control development. On the off chance that the treatment works, these signs can help the influenced parts of the mind to work better.

    Preventive Measures

    Till date, there is no treatment in the medicinal history that can keep the beginning of Parkinson’s disease. Nonetheless, a mix of the accompanying tips can enhance your general cerebrum wellbeing and may defer the beginning of Parkinson’s.

    • Eat crisp foods grown from the ground all the time.
    • Expend substances that are wealthy in omega 3 unsaturated fats, for example, different fish.
    • Stay away from red meat and have less dairy items.
    • Incorporate substances that are high in their fiber content
  • TCure through Physiotherapy

    With the correct kind of active recuperation work out, it is conceivable to control the impacts of disease called Parkinson.

    How physical therapy exercise can help a Parkinson’s disease patient?

    Physiotherapists inclined with Curodoc will make a particular arrangement that will mostly center accompanying the two perspectives.

    • Gait Retraining – The physiotherapist will educate and manage the diagnosed one how to stand up, walk and push forward. While there are different approaches to do as such, the specialist will for the most part focus on rehashing the real advances that are utilized while walking, and utilize them to help the person walk once more.
    • Motor Control Relearning – The physiotherapist will enhance different engine abilities in one with the utilization of dreary movements. It likewise enhances general development.

      Exercises used in Physiotherapy for disease of Parkinson’s

      Following are the different sorts of recuperation based activities the specialist will use to help your adored one experiencing Parkinson’s illness.

    • Breathing activities to enhance both the inward breath and the exhalation procedure.
    • Extending activities to extend and warm up muscles before some other activities.
    • Cadenced activities with rotational developments that are done in moderate movements.
    • Diverse activities to enable your adored one to relearn about sitting, standing up and strolling.
    • Activities to enhance pose and keep up control over movement that incorporate static and dynamic activities.
    • Activities that are gone for extending all parts of the body.
    • Activities that attention on utilitarian versatility preparing. These sorts of activities frequently incorporate activities that assistance in bed versatility, exchange preparing and in addition helping your cherished one escape a seat or get up from a sitting position.
    • Stationary activities to enable your cherished one to learn and relearn proportional developments, for example, utilizing a stationary bike.
    • Utilizing basic exercise movements, for example, applauding, moving the arms in a turning movement, remaining for a few minutes at a stretch et cetera.
    • Dynamic ambulation practices done gradually, for example, learning and relearning how to lift a leg and place it before the other, how to appropriately put the foot sole area and the toe to look after adjust, how to swing the arms and adjust while strolling et cetera.
    • Training your adored one how to utilize different assistive instruments, for example, a mobile stick, wheelchair or some other that might be required.

How is Curodoc the Right Help?

The extraordinarily prepared, talented and experienced physiotherapist aligned with Curodoc watch over the individuals who experience the ill effects of Parkinson’s, have portability issues and offer them at-home services.

What’s in store for first visit?

  • The physiotherapist will analyze the Parkinson diagnosed patient and comprehend general wellbeing condition along with particular condition for which treatment is required. Once that is done, the advisor will manufacture an appropriate care intend to take into account all needs.
  • The primary point of the physiotherapist will be to first diminish torment, to help the patient pick up versatility and help him/ her in continuing normal working and schedule. The following objective will be to counteract and decrease odds of any handicap by deferring its beginning.
  • Once the results begin appearing after the initial healing, the advisor will enhance the patient’s wellness levels and help them accomplish a more dynamic and more beneficial way of life.

Only trusted and experienced doctors, caregivers, nurses, attendants and other staff is appointed to the clients who avail services from Curodoc. This is what sets high standards in all our services and people can experience the difference in quality with favorable rates.

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