Attendant Services at Home in Visakhapatnam


Hire certified attendants in Visakhapatnam as your parents' caring companions, and let the warmth of their nurturing touch spread throughout the city.

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Compassionate and Empowering

  • Proficient Squad, Endorsed by GDA.
  • Guaranteed Warm and Supportive Assistance.
  • Thoroughly Sterilized Specialists.

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Holistic Senior Care

  • Swift nourishment and medication delivery.
  • Assistance with mobility, hygiene, and grooming.
  • Proficiently handling specialised procedures, such as Ryle's tube feeding and tracheostomy.

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Caring them for you

Curodoc eases your strain by offering at home service which covers all aspects of elderly care and beyond.



Ensuring on time meals as prescribed.



Giving and keeping track of medicines.



Toileting and cleaning of wounds etc.



Helping with movements and exercises.

Hire attendants for Elderly Care

Quality Companionship in Visakhapatnam

Let Curodoc's healthcare services transform the aging journey into a dignified experience. Our compassionate caregivers are dependable companions who alleviate the concerns of your loved ones. From assisting with medication and meal schedules to personal grooming and therapeutic activities, we prioritize the comfort and health of your loved one. Hire an attendant at home in Visakhapatnam to handle all these responsibilities.

Our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional care is unparalleled, and we're dedicated to the well-being of your family. Take action now and hire a caregiver at home in Vishakhapatnam to fulfill the needs of your elderly loved ones. Let Curodoc's empathetic care take the lead in Visakhapatnam.

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Reviewed for excellence and our commitment towards well-being of patients, our clients love us as much as we love them.

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