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Patient caring is our passion

From nursing at home to elderly care, physiotherapists, medical tests and much more. Curodoc delivers the best of healthcare services at your doorstep.

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Curodoc stays around you in all the situations, making your world happier and healthier with our quality healthcare at home service catalog.



Hire trained attendants for patient care at home.



Get qualified, skilled nurses for at home, expert care.



Get rid of acute or other types of pain at your place.


Elderly Care

Helping hand for your parents when you not around.


Baby Care

Caring nanny for new born babies just a call away.


Cancer Care

Avail expert care for cancer patients at home.



Rent hospital beds, ventilators and more at home.



Hire experts in need of instant IV, IM etc. injections.

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Complete Healthcare

Get expert medical care at home from a service provider trusted by many families for our passion towards caring.

  • Qualified, mannered staff.
  • On-time fulfilment and instant replacement.
  • Prompt, satisfactory helpline.
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Emergency Medical Services

In need someone for an urgent injection or something else? Our expert is just a call away.

  • IV, IM or other injections.
  • Ryle's tube change.
  • Urinary catheter change.
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360° care for your beloved

Our trained medical staff is readily available to care of your beloved ones when you can't. Be it tracking vitals, giving medicines, helping in mobility, physical and mental exercises, toileting and more.

We also offer all-inclusive, specialized packages to encourage healthily lifestyle and make essential healthcare a habit.

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Our health packages

Subscribe to our complete healthcare packages and gift yourself a healthy life when paired with our attendants, nurses, equipments and other home healthcare offerings.

Curodoc Couple Package


Start developing good healthy habits with regular follow-up calls.

  • 24x7 emergency response
  • Engaging, fun virtual activities
  • 3x regular care calls / week
  • Covers 2 adults (couple)

Curodoc Family Package


Covers you two and the kids ensuring the best of health for you all.

  • 24x7 emergency response
  • Engaging, fun virtual activities
  • 3x regular care calls / week
  • 1x doctor consultation / month
  • 1x personalised diet plan
  • 1x IV/IM injection service / month
  • Covers 2 adults and 2 kids

Curodoc Three60 Package


Complete all-around care cover for your family and the elderly.

  • 24x7 emergency response
  • Engaging, fun virtual activities
  • 6x regular care calls / week
  • 2x doctor consultation / month
  • 1x doctor visit / quarter
  • 2x personalised diet plan
  • 1x IV/IM injection service / month
  • Free test sample collections
  • Dedicated care manager
  • Covers 2 adults, 2 kids and elderly

Optional, add-on services e.g., medical staff, equipments are not included in the packages and to be billed separately.

Give parents a helping hand

Hire hygienic and polite medical care providers from Curodoc and give your parents or loved ones the expert care the deserve in this stage of life. Our attendants or nurses are certified and specialize in handling any type of elderly people at home.

In addition to regular care giving, they are also efficient in other routine patient care tasks including cleaning of wounds, injury, suction, ryle's tube feeding, tracheotomy etc. as per requirement.


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Exceeding expectations

Reviewed for excellence and our commitment towards well-being of patients, our clients love us as much as we love them.

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